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World Peace Experiment

(a 2-Step Process)

Step 1

Whenever you perceive that a negative event is occurring say the words "ONLY LOVE PREVAILS." This phrase sends "positive" energy to the perceived negative event as you stand as an observer in non-judgment. It will also help shift the perception that for good to exist, evil must also exist (polarity theory). As your perception shifts, you will perceive less and less negativity. This process therefore acts as a barometer to measure your own sense of inner peace. The less negativity you perceive, the less you will find yourself needing to affirm "Only Love Prevails".

Step 2

Become aware that the news media has a profound impact on your perception. Do whatever you need to do to protect yourself from exposure to "negative" or fear-based stories in the media. This might mean giving up watching or listening to newscasts or reading newspapers, or it might mean that you filter your exposure to the news media and become very selective about what you do read or watch or listen to. Just bringing your awareness to the negativity that permeates the news media will help shift your consciousness.


The media feeds us with negative reports of world events and therefore we personally get pulled into the negative energy. Very seldom does the media report "positive news" events. If we only had the media as our benchmark of what was happening on our planet, it would be easy to believe that only evil exists. The truth is, the reports of so-called negative occurrences that permeate newscasts are in many cases isolated incidences. Most of what happens on this planet falls into the "good" news area, but positive news is rarely reported because it doesn't sell. We have become conditioned to want to hear about the horror stories that the media has become so good at reporting. Many of us have become addicted to it.


How we came up with the number needed

When Victor and Carol were inspired to start the World Peace Experiment in 1996 the world population was estimated to reach 6.4 billion in a few years. Our goal was to reach 80,000 participants by start of the new millennium. At that time they received many inquiries as to how they came up with the figure of 80,000 people. Here was their explanation given in 1996:


Physicists tell us that according to the laws of wave mechanics, the intensity of any kind of waves that are in phase with each other is the square of the sum of the waves. In other words, two waves added together are four times as intense as one wave, ten waves are one hundred times as intense, etc.


Since thought is an energy, and all energy occurs as waves - we believe that 80,000 people all thinking the same thing together are as powerful, in terms of creating the reality that we all share, as the random chaotic thought of the 6.4 billion people (80,000 times 80,000) that will soon inhabit the planet. Therefore, 80,000 people who believe that only love prevails, will create a laser of intent that will change the planetary reality.


Well, we didn't reach our projected goal by 2001. In fact here we are in 2016 and still have not reached our goal. Yet, we haven't given up on the idea. However, since the world population has now exceeded over seven billion people, we found that that we needed to change the formula for achieving our goal. Therefore, we are now attempting to recruit 90,000 people to engage in this consciousness shifting process that we hope to achieve by 2020 (or before).

Why 90,000?

The same explanation applies as before but now with updated numbers:

As stated above, thought is an energy, and all energy occurs as waves. Therefore, we hope to prove that 90,000 people all thinking the same thing together are as powerful, in terms of creating the reality we all share, as are the random chaotic thoughts of a little over eight billion people that are projected to inhabit the planet by 2020.

How will we know when we have reached our goal?

On the original website we had a signup form. It was difficult to manage and keep spammers out, so we are not going to keep track. We will know if it is working when we start hearing lots of people saying the words, "Only Love Prevails" and feeling a planetary shift from disruption and turmoil to love, caring and compassion.


We hope you will participate and help spread the word by: 

  • pointing people to this website,

  • by signing all your correspondence with "Only Love Prevails" and

  • by consciously bringing yourself into a state of inner peace.

A world of harmony and peace is possible...

we simply need enough people to take the action of bringing themselves into a
state of inner peace.
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